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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brewing Grounds for Change (Milwaukee, WI)

Enchiladas, Rice, and Beans

I'm not going to lie, I'm one of the last people that you will ever find in a coffee shop. I usually don't feel very comfortable sitting around a bunch of people pretending to be sophisticated while sitting on their Mac books and drinking a product that I don't care for. Out of all the coffee shops though, there is one that changed my feelings and that is Brewing Grounds out on Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee. I met someone who ran the shop very randomly almost a year ago and ever since then it has been the only coffee place I'll ever go to.

One thing I love about this place is the set up, it's very unique with a few booths and tables with artwork and photography covering the walls. There's also a couple musical instruments and board games to play. My favorite thing about it though is the free shop which allows you to drop off stuff you don't want and take things that other people leave for free. Even though it is a coffee shop, they also have zines to read, local music cds for purchase, have a bike shop in the basement and to make it even better it also hosts live music! While I can say that their chai tea is possibly the best in the land, that is not what I will be reviewing today.

A couple months back I was told that Brewing Grounds would start having Mexi Mondays which for $5 you can get rice, beans, or a drink if you prefer, and enchiladas (chicken or vegan.) I believe you can get tacos also which are all homemade by an awesome dude named Jason. I've only been able to stop by once for Mexi Mondays but my experience was quite delicious. The enchiladas tasted great and had plenty of cheese and flavor. You also get a good portion of beans and rice which both tasted very fresh, like they were being made just for you at your house. For Christmas I was given a whole dish of these enchiladas and I must say that it was an amazing gift to receive because Jason really knows what he's doing when he's cooking. One thing I really enjoyed about it was that it tasted like the awesome cart food that you get from people on the street in the summer, which is always good, fresh, and authentic. No taco bell like Mexican food here, this is the real deal.

If you're ever hungry, have $5 bucks on you, it's a Monday, and are on the East Side you should really stop by. Or if it's not a Mexi Monday, stop in anyways. Not only is the food good but the people there are some of the most friendly and amazing people you will ever meet, and have really good taste in music (if you like indie rap and punk rock you will get along with a lot of them just fine.) Since it is a coffee shop, I should also mention that they have a great selection of coffee and teas to choose from at really nice prices. It also helps that they are the only 100% fair trade coffee place in Milwaukee. Also, like I said before, if you like Chai tea, this is the place to go because they have the best I've ever had. Lastly I will mention that they always have little baked goods at the counter that are usually vegan such as muffins, cookies, breads, and other things along those lines and they are always delicious and usually cost under $2. So if your ever in the area, please forget about Starbucks and Roshambo because Brewing Grounds is the place to go.

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