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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summerfest Food:

(Ethnic Village, Summerfest Grounds)

Everyone knows that the big part of Summerfest is the music but
one of the other big aspects of it is trying foods from all over the Milwaukee area. One of the not so fun things about this is that they charge you way over the price they would just going to the restaurant, and in smaller portions. Besides this though, trying different foods is a great thing to do while your at Summerfest, so maybe while your out there, try something other than the Mozzarella sticks at Saz's. Located across from the US Cellular stage is where you will find the Ethnic Village and that is where Botana's is located.

They had your usual's such as burritos and tacos but they also had my favorite Mexican dish on there which is a pork tamale. You could either get 1 tamale for $2.50, or 3 tamales with rice and beans for $7, so I decided to get the $7 deal. I must tell you, this was the most food I ever received for the price at the fest. The tamales were pretty big and the portions of rice and beans were pretty average. As for the taste they were pretty good for things being made in the back of a small building. They didn't have the fullest flavor of many of the tamales that I've had and the lack of pork was a little saddening. I would also say the pork was a little blah with the flavor but even with these negatives, they were still delicious. I couldn't stop eating them even though they were quite filling and I was full after my 2nd one. I can say that this is the first time that I've been truly full after eating 1 thing at Summerfest because usually they give you so little that you have to go out and buy more food. The rice was also really delicious, even though it was pretty basic it still hit the spot, while the beans were about the same.

If you like Mexican food and wanna get full for probably the cheapest you can at Summefest, this is a place to go. While not the greatest Tamales I've ever had, they were still delicious and did a good job with something that they probably have to make thousands of in a day. If your down there at all the next 9 days, go check this place out.

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