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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


(Milwaukee, WI)

If you've been on the East Side of Milwaukee, I'm sure you've been to all the bars that it has to offer. One bar that I don't hear about a lot of people going to on a busy Friday night is Hooligans. While I'm not much a bar goer, I've been here a good amount of times with my Dad because it's one that he enjoys, so I've tagged along a few times. When you walk in, it's a old style bar that doesn't have a huge first floor but had a large bar and a good amount of seats to dine in. It also has a second floor but I have never been up there before. One thing that I like about Hooligans more than most bar restaurants is the menu. It has so much more for someone to choose from than just your normal burgers and chicken sandwiches. They offer mac and cheese, cat fish, Quesadillas, wraps, catfish and all sorts of different foods. Today my Dad called me randomly and wanted to go out for lunch and we decided to go to Hooligans because they have a nice outdoor seating area which is really nice on a hot day.

I usually just get a simple chicken sandwich from Hooligans because they are simple and always taste pretty good but when I was looking at their Wednesday specials, their mac and cheese caught my eye. While I haven't ordered mac and cheese and to many places (except for the Comet Cafe because it's delicious,) I had a craving for that so I thought why not. They had three difference choices, a normal mac and cheese, a chicken, mac and cheese, and blue cheese with buffalo chicken mac and cheese. The normal one you could add bacon on to the $8, or for just $9 already you could get the chicken one with the bacon already in it. I thought that was the better deal with the chicken so I decided to get that. My fa
ther ended up getting the blue cheese once since blue cheese is his favorite. I had a nice Sprecher Root Beer while waiting for my meal, which didn't take to long to come out. The set up of it was very nice, you got 4 pieces of garlic bread and a nice little bowl of the mac and cheese. From the looks of it, it seemed delicious. I took a bite of the garlic bread first, which was done perfectly. I'm not a big fan of garlic bread but the garlic wasn't strong, and the bread was toasted so it was soft but still had a crunch to it. Sadly I must say, that was the highlight of the meal.

While the mac and cheese looked delicious, it was sadly a disguise. The cheese sauce tasted nothing like cheese. I don't know exactly how to describe it but it had a very off taste to it, maybe like an old cheese or something along those lines. Even that flavor wasn't very strong, and didn't add much but that off taste to my mouth. The chicken was very plain and had almost no flavor to it at all, even with the added bread crumbs on top, it didn't do much to enhance the flavor. The only thing that give this meal any sort of taste to it was the bacon, which well...tasted like bacon, which made the weird cheese sauce a little bit better. It was a very good portion of food though, and even though I didn't enjoy it, I still ate every bite. It wasn't a pleasant dish but I was hungry. The buffalo blue cheese one on the other hand was bursting with flavor. I can't stand blue cheese so it wasn't a flavor I enjoyed, but if you like spicy buffalo chicken and blue cheese, then this dish is for you. The buffalo chicken was spicy but not spicy enough to destroy the flavor of everything. Even though the blue cheese wasn't for me, I know for those of you who like it would love this.

While my experience this time at Hooligans wasn't my favorite, I must say that I'm usually not very disappointed in their food. They make good burgers and their chicken sandwiches aren't bad either. The prices are what you'll find at almost any bar restaurant in the area with items usually starting around $7.50 and not much of anything really going over the $10 mark. So if your looking for a burger or other good bar food, check Hooligans out but if you wanna get some mac and cheese, stay far far away and just get some at the Comet Cafe.


  1. i love hooligans! we just ate there tuesday :)

  2. They have good burgers and sandwiches, just never get their mac and cheese haha.