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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miller Park

Miller Park: Triple Play Sliders
(Milwaukee, WI)

Normally I wouldn't consider a ball park a normal food place, but lately ball parks have been getting quite creative with their food options. While this won't be a long review, I must talk about something I ate yesterday at the Brewer game.

While eating a hot dog, a brat and some peanuts are always classic normal ways to go when going to a baseball game, I can tell you one thing that isn't normal, and that's a pulled pork parfait. Now you maybe saying to yourself, what is that? Well it's exactly what it sounds like. I
t's a parfait class with mashed potatoes on the bottom, then some pulled pork over that, then more mashed potatoes, then more pulled pork, then more mashed potatoes topped with some bbq sauce and chives.

Being as this item is very strange, I just had to try it at the game I went to. With a price tag of $7, it's not the cheapest, but don't except a good price for anything at a ball park. First I'll hit you with the positives starting with the bbq sauce on top. The sauce was delicious, it had
a nice spice to it that wasn't strong enough to knock me off my feet and had a really nice flavor to it. The mashed potatoes were also really good, they were nice and fluffy and tasted almost homemade. There might have been a little seasoning in the potatoes, but I'm not quite sure. The meat was also well cooked and was your average pulled pork. Now that the positives are done with, let's get to the negatives.

Starting off, they barely put any meat into this thing. I watched the lady pick small pieces of meat and slowly put them in. She took a few big pieces, but nothing really spectacular. I was really disappointed by how little the amount of meat you get is, you couldn't even cover a piece of bread with the amount that they give you. While the flavor of the potatoes and the bbq sauce are qu
ite good, the pulled pork leaves you a little less satisfied. I've had many pulled pork sandwiches in my life and it's usually an easy thing to make delicious. While the meat was fine, and the flavor was ok, it wasn't enough. There wasn't a strong flavor at all and I could barely tell if there was even sauce on the pork. It was such a little flavor for something that usually has a lot of flavor to it. It wasn't bad tasting or anything, don't get me wrong, it just didn't have the flavor that was I was expecting. This was the real downfall of the parfait. It could of also used a bit more bbq sauce on the top, because there wasn't a lot, and it was delicious so I wanted more.

If you are ever at Miller Park and want to try something different than your usual brat, then this maybe something to check out. If you are interested when you

are there, you can find them at the little Triple Play Sliders stands located in sections 127, 214, and 417. For $7, it maybe a hit or miss for you but I think it is something worth checking out, and doesn't taste as bad as it looks and sounds.

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